Making a short statement about my work.

21 Apr

There is a never ending attempt to give meaning.
There is hardly an attempt to link reality.

Dialog Untitled. There is something about expressions.

20 Apr

Writing something about meaning.

19 Apr

Being in the middle of everything and not belonging to anything.


Made up landscape

18 Apr

Made up landscape

Image & Sound Towards Meaning

17 Apr

Comparing Landscapes Through Cities

13 Apr

While making a review of all the landscapes I have in the project, I realize that there were some patterns, or similarities of the ones I did in Berlin, and then similarities of the ones I made in Warsaw.
For some reason (I guess that reason is landscape) the ones made in Berlin are more filled with buildings. They have more color added but less sky. There is more accumulation of elements, with distorted perspectives.
While the ones in Warsaw there is always a blue sky, I could even say that half of the image is blue sky and the other half is the elements composed for each image. It is also evident that the ones in Warsaw are more playful with the elements inside them, it is not the city itself what is portrayed.

In this way I am inclined to ask myself about he everyday in each city. The experiences held in them, and the way I have constructed and selected the images of each place.

I do know that the reading of them is no easy task, because it lacks an obviousness. No color signifies one thing, or something. I think this goes somewhere else.

Comparing Landscapes trough cities


Restructuring Lanscape 7

12 Apr

Restructuring Lanscape 7


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